What Happens During a Garage Door Inspection?

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When they’re properly cared for and maintained, garage doors can last for two decades or more. A big part of keeping your garage door in good condition is getting an annual garage door inspection.

What Happens During a Garage Door Inspection?

A professional garage door inspection doesn’t take much time, and it can offer major benefits for you as a homeowner. Most importantly, getting regular inspections means that you’ll be able to identify and catch any small issues with your garage door before they can morph into larger, more expensive problems. An annual garage door inspection can help you extend the lifespan of your garage door, helping you save more time and money in the long run.

If you haven’t had your garage door professionally inspected, you might be wondering what the technician will look for. If you contact our experts at Race City Garage Door, we take several important factors into account during a garage door inspection. Here are some of the main things we look at:

  • Garage door tracks and hardware: We’ll carefully examine the tracks, brackets, springs, and every other aspect of what makes your garage door smoothly move up and down. If we notice an issue in any of these areas, we can often repair it with ease.
  • Garage door frame and seals: When your garage door is shut, it should remain completely dry on the inside, regardless of the weather. If your garage door frame is becoming crooked, it could allow rainwater, leaves, dirt, and even pests to get into your garage.
  • The opener: Our technician will thoroughly look over the motor to ensure that the gears, belts, and other mechanisms are working properly so you won’t be stuck with a garage door that suddenly refuses to open or close.