What You Should be Doing for Garage Door Maintenance

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Regular garage door maintenance is the key to making sure your garage doors last as long as possible. However, you may not know what is included in these maintenance steps. Below are a few of the most important garage door maintenance tips that you should be prioritizing.

Garage door maintenance

  • Keep the doors clean. Different types of damage are associated with different types of garage doors. For example, wooden garage doors may get damaged by insects. Keeping your garage doors clean by wiping them down or spraying them off from time to time can help preserve them.
  • Hire inspection services. Even when there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it, hiring periodic inspection services for your garage door is important. Sometimes there are hidden problems with your garage door that you may not notice until they lead to bigger issues, but inspection services can alert you to anything relating to your door that needs attention.
  • Don’t ignore issues. Does your garage door sometimes take a few tries with the opener to actually open or close, and changing the batteries in the remote doesn’t solve the problem? Is your door making strange new sounds? If so, don’t ignore the problem. Ignoring issues with your garage door can be disastrous, but hiring a professional garage door technician to address problems as soon as they arise can help you avoid trouble.

We are proud to offer garage door maintenance services for your garage doors to help you enjoy them for as long as possible, so if you want to make sure your garage doors are in good shape, call us here at Race City Garage Door today.